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"Hi Tim, What an incredible set of photos - we could not be happier and more grateful for all that you captured so perfectly. My parents are over the moon and brought to tears yet again.Thank you so much. You are truly brilliant."


“A massive massive thank you to the genius that is Tim Fox. You have made us very very happy and we just cannot stop looking at the pictures! Thanks for your patience, hard work and absolute dedication to ensure we will never forget our day. Never have we been to a wedding where each and every guest commented on how lovely and committed the photographer is ! "


“Tim, thank you so much for all of the amazing photographs that captured the joy and happiness of our wedding day. You worked tirelessly throughout the day, photographing so many special moments with your incredible talent and natural eye for detail. The quality, composition and uniqueness of the shots is unbelievable and we are so delighted that we have your photographs for life.”


"Tim, What can we say!? These are absolutely stunning!!! We couldn't have asked for better pictures. Thank you so much. You've managed to capture the entire day....! (Even bits we didn't know happened ourselves). We've been through them twice now and loved them even more second time around. We had such an amazing day and are so thrilled that we have these as a lasting memory. Thank you SO much again!"


“Oh my goodness, these are absolutely amazing! Thank you so so much. We've spent the last few hours going through them and we're incredibly happy. It's just so lovely to remember the day by. You did an incredible job of capturing the happiness and fun which is exactly what we wanted.”


"Having Tim as our wedding photographer was an absolute blessing. Simply a pleasure to have around on our wedding day. Not only was he professional and artistic on every level but he was a complete gentleman and gave more than we had ever hoped for. Truly a rare find. Thanks Tim!"


"Hi Tim, we have received the album! Its fantastic! You're a genius! Thank you so much, we are both delighted. What more can we say....we're off to look at the photos again for about the 5th time!"


« Tim produced photos of our wedding which we never tire of looking at. He succeeded in conveying not merely the joy and the emotion of the day, but something more subtle which marks him out as a truly exceptional talent. He steps outside the formal stucture of the ceremony itself and captures those fleeting moments that get to the heart of what the married couple are truly feeling. »


“ We were looking for something original, different from your typical, traditional photos. We wanted a photographer who could capture the special moments and little details that make the wedding day unique. Tim didn’t stop taking pictures the whole day long, but always remained in the background. He was truly amazing. Our wedding album is absolutely unique, with pictures of the highest quality. The black and white images, with a perfect sense of light and contrast could have come straight out of a magazine photoshoot.”


“ We wish to thank you from the bottom of our heart for the work you have produced which matches all our expectations. Your photos reflect perfectly the atmosphere and emotions of such a wonderful day. You have succeeded in capturing all those special moments for us to relive, again and again. Bravo!”


“We have received the DVD and just wanted to say another huge thank you for our wedding photographs - we love the results and also found you really easy and fun to work with - we would certainly recommend you without hesitation to anyone looking for a wedding photographer!”


“It is difficult to describe in words, how, as a complete stranger, you managed to sense instinctively what was important to us, and capture so successfully the intense emotions we were caught up in. Your photos are amazing. Nothing is missing. Thank you for inventiveness, your attention to detail, of allowing us to see things that we ourselves had not noticed! The choice of the album is beautiful, the finish of the highest quality. Thanks again for this wonderful souvenir which we will treasure all our lives. We have been really touched by your artistic and personal sensitivity.”


“A quick word to let you know that we found your pictures truly fantastic. You managed to capture the real expressions of all those close to us, even though you had never seen them before. The photos are as natural looking as they could be, and that is what we wanted above all else. We are absolutely delighted and thank you for the suberb quality of your work.”


"Tim managed to capture the joyful and happy mood of our special day in some fantastic photos. He has the ability to catch people at their most relaxed, and to reflect the true feeling of the moment in his images.We believe this to be a real gift and art."


“ We wanted a photographer capable of capturing the fleeting moments of our wedding day. We discovered in Tim ,not only a photographer, but a truly exceptional and talented artist, straightforward and discreet in his approach. You have succeeded in depicting something of our true selves in each photograph, and the beauty of the black & white images leaves us totally breathless. Each time we look at our pictures, we are magically transported back to the 15th of September. Thank you Tim.”

Tim Fox, Wedding Photographer in France, Photojournalist. Loire Valley, Brittany, Dordogne, Provence